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No end in sight for most struggling homeowners

For Medill Reports: Chicago

The recent $25 billion settlement between the government and five of the nation’s largest bank was designed to help the struggling housing market. But, Shaina Humphries reports, the majority of American homeowners will not be helped by the settlement.

As first city water bills arrive, churches really feel the pinch

For Medill Reports: Chicago

The slow economy has meant less money in the offering plate for many churches. Now that the city has ended its exemption on water use for churches, that bite comes at an already-difficult time. But one pastor has an idea that he says could save them.

Chicago transit riders demand better service


For Medill Reports: Chicago

Chicagoans upset with the city’s transportation systems are asking legislators to pass a new bill in the state senate. Shaina Humphries talks to one woman who hopes her South Side neighborhood can get equal access to transportation soon.

Losing hair for hope with St. Baldrick

For Medill Reports: Chicago

What began as a challenge between friends at a St. Patrick’s Day party 10 years ago, is now the world’s largest volunteer-driven fundraising program for childhood cancer research. Shaina Humphries visited the University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital for the annual head-shaving event in honor of “St. Baldrick”.


North side circus school teaches more than just clowning

For Medill Reports: Chicago

Meirmanov Sports Acrobatics and Circus Arts was founded by internationally-renowned circus performer Nourbol Meirmanov. After training at the world famous Moscow Circus School, Meirmanov was invited to the U.S. by the Ringling Brothers Circus. In 2009, he opened MSA and began teaching a new generation the value and skills of circus performing.

Lincoln Park Zoo loses its Lion King


For Medill Reports: Chicago

Zookeepers had to make a tough decision this week. Shaina Humphries reports on the somber mood at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

99-year-old Harper Theater reopening its doors


For Medill Reports: Chicago

The Harper Theater, built in 1913 and now owned by the University of Chicago, is reopening its doors this year after being shut down for nearly a decade. Shaina Humphries reports on why it closed and what is in its future.


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